Siam Park



Siam Park's construction started in 2004 and cost 52 million euros. Originally stated to open in May 2007, it has endured construction problems, however the park finally opened to the public on September 17, 2008.

The park's plans also originally included a roller coaster, but the owners opted to focus on developing the first phase of the park in order to open it as soon as possible.

The park is built on a hill, which permits the slides to follow the park's terrain similar to terrain roller coasters. Hence, they lack the prominent support structure present in most water slides.

Thai Themed

Siam Park includes Thai themes on all of its rides, park buildings, and restaurants. The park's 25 buildings are the largest collection of Thai-themed buildings outside Thailand.

The park's designer, Christoph Kiessling, received permission from the Thai royal family to use the park's name and theme; but, to respect the family's wishes, he did not copy royal palaces, temples, or statues of Buddha in the park.

In addition, the restaurants serve Thai food as well as family favourites. The park also has a Thai floating market.

Green Water Park

Siam Park is the world's first green water park. The park's water is heated to 25 °C (77 °F). Keissling calls Siam Park the "first air conditioned outdoor aquatic park in the world".

To conserve the island's water, Siam Park has a desalination plant on site, which desalinates 700 cubic meters (25,000 cu ft) of sea water per day.

After the water is used in the rides, the park recycles the water by using it to water the park's plants. In addition, Siam Park has the first natural gas plant in the Canary Islands.


A four-person ProSlide Behemoth Bowl slide with a laser inside which produces a flashing image of a dragon

The Dragon
A ProSlide Tornado with a light show inside the 20-meter (66 ft)-wide funnel.

Wave Palace
A wave pool with an artificial white sand beach. At 3 meters (9.8 ft) high, its waves are the highest of any wave pool in the World. The park's surfing school will give surfing lessons at the Wave Palace.

Naga racer
A six-lane racing slide

The Giant 
Twin ProSlide Cannon Bowls, one moving clockwise and one moving counter clockwise

Tower Of Power
A vertical, transparent slide which sends riders through an area with sharks and stingrays.

Mai Thai River
The world's longest lazy river, which also has the highest elevation of any lazy river at 8 meters (26 ft).

Jungle Snakes
Four twisting slides which follow the park's terrain

Lost City
A children's play structure with 120 games

Record Breaking Park

The statue of the world's largest dragon
Increased elevation within the lazy river (up to 8 meters (26 ft))
The largest man-made wave in the world (about 3 meters (9.8 ft))
Increased diversity in slides
The world's largest Thai building outside Asia

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